Personal Statement

My work in wood crafts is an outgrowth of studying both architecture at the University of Cincinnati, and Fine Arts at Silvermine College of Art. While studying design, I became enthusiastic about making objects of wood, and chose wood as my crafts medium. About thirty years ago, wood crafts appealed to me as a practical and creative way to make a living. However, it took working several years at another job before this goal was realized.

Although I have created furniture in wood, the current focus of my work is on both wood vessels and wood sculpture.

I am challenged by the many possibilities of what a vessel might be. Currently, I am creating pieces which range from geometrically patterned bandsawn vessels, to more natural vessels which are hand carved from a single log. The use of bandsaw, laminating, hand carving and disc sanding techniques allow me to project three dimensional forms, namely wood vessels, directly from flat lumber. From an ecological perspective, this conservative use of a natural resource is very satisfying, as it is the essence of economy. Many of these vessels are one of a kind pieces in which I explore various relationships in form, pattern, color, texture, and light.

My sculptural work in wood ranges from abstract carvings, to organic sculptural constructions. One of these styles of architectural construction draws inspiration from ancient cultures such as the Incans and from nature itself. These works range in style from elegant smplicity, to more complex statements which display an intriguing relationship between Light, Space, & Mass.





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